THE PROJECT is an online store specializing in auto tyres. Tyrestreets has a unique feature allowing buyers to customize their search depending on the vehicle model or size of the tires they are looking for. The store showcases variety of renowned tyre brands such as Goodyear, Continental, Zeetex, Roadstone, and Kumho Tire among other labels. Our customer, S. Abbas, alredy had an inde in mind to offer custom search option. So along with our team, Tyrestreets excelled this option improving the design of Magento website to bring a better user experience for customers looking for tyres.


Our team has invested a significant amount of time to create a workflow that would guarantee a seamless user experience while searching for the right tyres. That is why we brought the whole search engine to the home page of the online merchant so that the potential customers could start choosing the products immediately after they end up on Tyrestreets website. We have created an engine allowing potential buyers to narrow down their choices based on the two parameters so that they can look for tyres either searching by car make or size of tyres (in case they know the exact specification such as width, profile, and rim size).


Search by car

First option is an advanced one since it has more inputs that need to be provided. From the perspective of functionality, this kind of look-up has additional layer of interaction with the client. Having chosen the car make, specific model, and year of manufacturing, the result buyers see is the system suggestion on the size of the tires to opt for for a certain vehicle they have specified.

Search by size

Second option presents a selection of parameters such as front and rear tyre sizes (if the client has such an auto). We added visuals to help prospects identify the menu option corresponding to each search parameter.

At this stage, buyers can easily choose the tyre combo that suits their needs. If they don’t see it coming, there is another option to go for: by clicking “Don’t see your tyre size?”, the prospects get redirected to a search widget under the main menu:

For example, in case the system offered the size of the tyre the customer was looking for, he will see a display with varied tyre brands he can go for further. The same result is shown for ‘Search by size” search outputs. All the products are gathered in 4 piece sets in case the choice is about front and rear sizes. Otherwise, buyers will be offered a combination of 2+2 (if the rear and front sizes do not match). Here, customers can decide whether they prefer one tyre of each particular size or a set of 4.


On adding selected tyres to the shopping cart, buyers can choose one of the shipping options offered on checkout. As a value-added service, the online retailer has tyre installation option that can be chosen on check out, too. When customers choose their location, the online system will display the list of service centers available in their particular city. When choosing the service provider, clients will need to specify a particular date of installation as well as the car make they have so that the mechanics at the service center can prepare for the installation process. After the order has been placed, the preferred installation station chosen by the client will be notified about the upcoming appointment scheduled with all the details conveyed to the site. The online store will ship the tyres directly to the service center so there is no need for a client to take care of all the pickup and delivery of products he bought.



Auto parts and tyres is not a new business niche for a community of Magento developers. Thus, there were already some existing expentions developed earlier to suit the needs of online automotive merchants. However, after checking what’s there on the market, our team decided to create a custom-tailored solution for to present the full range of functionality required.

Taking into account the custom search by auto make, we needed to create a dependency table between the car, model, year of manufacturing as well as tyre size that would pop up the tyre size page suggested by the system.

The products offered are assembled in tyre bundles that we had to alter a lot to create a better usability in the frontend. In addition, we have added the option to modify the quantity of products selected in the shopping cart and see the price breakdown depending on the number of tyres being purchased.

Utilizing a Store Pickup extension by Magestore and adding some customization to existing add-on, we have created the option to ship the tyres to a suggested installation center. This particular module is quite flexible and has many settings in the backend.

Finally, we have replaced a conventional one-step checkout with a three-step option to help the client go through the purchasing process without giving too much thought to the required fields to be filled in.



Allowing a lot of flexibility, we have satisfied the client’s requirements and built up stable main functionality and features. The tyrestreets website can still be improved adding more to it to make the customer journey even better, however, we are pleased overall with the way the whole endeavor has turned out.If you are considering creating something similar for your auto or tyre store, do not hesitate to get in touch with us – we bring our expertise and technology at hand to suit your business needs.

Case study: car tires Magento store

Key features:Advanced search, layered navigation, store locator