Based in Norway, Gaitline is a footwear brand that specializes in sport shoes and ships the products to a few countries. In order to generate greater revenues, the retailer came to a thought to create an ecommerce platform to harness the deals with B2C and B2B customers around the globe. The online store has a conventional front-end functionality; however, there is a number of back-end features that could have been tuned up using Magento.


Serving the needs of numerous buyers in different countries, Gaitline has a standard multi store design. One single Magento installation operates 7 websites with every site having its own default currency type including Euro, US Dollar, British Pound, Norwegian Krone, Swedish Krone, Danish Krone as well as Emirati Dirham. Such a website layout offers administrators an ability to include varied pricing methods for products and charge buyers’ credit card with the local currency replacing the default option currency. Thus, such as set up eliminates any need for further currency conversion during shopping.

In order to keep the customer experience straight-forward and minimize the actions taken before the check-out by not juggling the sites depending on the necessary currency type, our team has equipped the shop with IP detector extension to define the shoppers’ geo and redirect them to the respective site in a few seconds. For instance, if a buyer from Sweden is looking for wants to buy a pair of shoes and comes to Gaitline, he ends up on SEK website. After he decides to place an order, the amount he has to pay is calculated in Swedish Krones.

Prime Cargo Integration

To reduced the time spent on manual order handling, our client asked us to integrate Prime Cargo with the system, the logistics supplier that streamlines order fulfillment offering automated process to pick up the products from manufacturing point and ship them to the client. Following the demand, Magecom created an extension in line with Prime Cargo guides and added the feature to avoid which handling orders manually.

One more benefit we have offered to Gaitline is an extension feature allowing to alter the price of shipping taking into account a specific location the order needs to be shipped. Therefore, the merchant has got several options such as a free shipping for buyers from EU, a fee of $19.90 for North American audience along with $29.90 for the clients from the rest of the globe.


Taxation, checkout and payment gateways

Our customer specified particular requirements for taxes, payment methods and checkouts for different group of buyers (e.g. B2C, B2B) as well as the geo location. Our developers have come up with a number of features to deliver the required solution:


We created another tax extension allowing to configure a specific tax dashboard for a particular user pool and the geographical location. After the implementation, B2C user from Germany who was buying footwear ended up on the website offering prices in EUROs with all of them including taxes. On the other hand, the prices listed for B2B group from the same country were shown exclusive of tax amount.


Depending on a particular user pool, this display presents the prices in the shop excluding or including VAT of 25%.




For retail customers we display different checkout options taking into account the countries the goods need to be shipped. For example, we present Klarna checkout for buyers from Nordic region and Firecheckout for the rest of the audience.


With the B2B pool of users we use Firecheckout as the only option available at hand.


Payment gateways

To present varied payment options for different customers we decided to add “Shipping & Payment By Customer Groups“extension. As a result, we have got prepaid and credit invoices with Check Money, Order, and Epay options for B2B clients. As for B2C audience, the buyers were able to finalize the purchase with their credit cards, Klarna checkout and Epay as well.


Customer representatives feature

After the website went live, the Gaitline is still working on enlarging the network of distributors and boost revenues with the aid of 3rd party agents selling the branded footwear. We created a functionality that allows assembling “Agent groups”, assigning “Agents” to a particular group, and allow those in charge of the group add new customers and orders for customers directly in Magento.
In addition, we extended the “User Roles” functionality offered by default in Magento. In a newly created setting, the admin could create the role of “Agents” and assign Agents (Users) to the particular Agent group.


On top of that, the admin can choose different permissions to grant for the Agent group.


Unline Admins, within Magento “Agents” have access specifically to their own “area”. In this way, they can view only “Customers” and “Orders” sections within the group they belong to. The rest of the information is not available to them.

We enabled Agents to create their customers and place orders within one of the B2B groups newly made such as B2B Prepaid invoice or B2B Credit invoice group.


Front-end touch-up

The site design is adapted for the most popular screen resolutions. With such a setting, users have an opportunity to easily navigate through website menu and learn more about products from any screen being it mobile or web prior to buying the footwear in actual online store.

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Gaitline: footwear Magento webstore

Key features: B2B and B2C customer groups, integration with Cargo shipping, responsive design implementation, representitive feature (for agents)